WZK96017 Dungeons&Dragons D&D Icons of the Realms: The Tower

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The Tower features removable windows, buttresses, stairs, and floors, and can be split into three levels for ease of play. Additionally, the tower also features three double-sided floor tiles, with a gridded and non-gridded version, so you can further customize your play experience. Each floor of the tower is balanced so that it can sit on the table on its own, allowing you to set up each floor ahead of time and reveal them to the table when the time is right. The buttresses on the ground floor can be removed or rearranged to suit your needs, as can the windows and skylight on the upper floors and roof of the tower. Your players can rappel through the broken glass atop the tower or climb through a destroyed window in order to stealthily enter a decrepit ruin. They can even march right up to the iron doors of a fastidiously maintained tower. The roleplaying opportunities afforded by the modular tower allow you to craft any number of unique encounters for your adventuring party!

Key Features

Boasts a large eight-inch diameter! Enough to fit your entire adventuring party, with room to spare for any foes!
Each section of the tower is 100 mm tall!
The staircases between floors are also one inch wide and are slotted at the base of the stair!
The 1-inch walkways leading to and surrounding the skylight accommodate your miniatures
There is also 1-inch of space around the perimeter for your miniatures to stand!
Removeable skylight and walkways!
Modular door and buttresses for customization and easy future expansion!
Double-sided floor tiles (gridded and non-gridded options)!

This Set Includes*:

1x - Bottom Floor
1x - Middle Floor
1x - Top Floor (Includes removeable ring of statues for customization)
1x - Top Floor Landing
1x - Top Floor Skylight
4x - Butresses Style 1
4x - Butresses Style 2
1x -Door
8x -Windows
3x -Staircases
3x -Double-sided Floor Tiles

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