WZK73698 - Wizkids Deep Cuts - Townspeople & Accessories

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Key Features:

Features characters, monsters, and scenery
Little to no assembly required
Primed and ready to paint
Some miniatures include translucent parts
Forge Cole Piece is embedded with an LED for added atmospheric effect.
This is a 42-count scenery pack which includes:*

1 x Male Blacksmith
1 x Female Blacksmith
1 x Male Actor
1 x Female Actress
1 x Male Simple Merchant
1 x Female Simple Merchant
1 x Male Thief
1 x Female Skinner/Tanner
1 x Female Sheriff
1 x Male Bailiff
1 x Male Diplomat
1 x Male Monk/Friar
1 x Female Fisher
1 x Bandit with Crossbow
1 x Bandit with Dagger
1 x Male Pirate
1 x Female Pirate
1 x Male Executioner
1 x Male Assistant
1 x Anvil
4 x Hammers
1 x Stump
1 x Suit of Armor
1 x Forge
1 x Forge Coal Piece
2 x Tongs
1 x Chain
2 x Market Stall Canopy
2 x Market Stall Shelves
1 x Hollowed Out Log
1 x Interior Treasure Pile
1 x Hollowed Out Log Lid
1 x Tanning Rack
1 x Scraping Board
1 x Bellows
1 x Trough

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